Temporary Bonding Materials

Bonding and Debonding Product Portfolio

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Brewer Science Bonding Material Portfolio

TechnologyTemporary Bonding MaterialCompatible Release Layer MaterialThermal Budget
Slide OR Mechanical DebondingBrewerBOND® 305BrewerBOND® 510300°C
Excimer Laser DebondingBrewerBOND® 305BrewerBOND® 701300°C
Slide OR Mechanical DebondingBrewerBOND® 220BrewerBOND® 510250°C
Slide OR Mechanical DebondingWaferBOND® HT-10.10BrewerBOND®510200°C
Chemical DebondingWaferBOND® CR-200Not Applicable200°C
Mechanical DebondingBrewerBOND® 220BrewerBOND®530250°C - 300°C
Mechanical DebondingBrewerBOND® 305BrewerBOND®530250°C - 300°C

Brewer Science has the expertise and equipment to successfully navigate the entire thin wafer handling process. Our unique proprietary materials, the BrewerBOND® material suite, enable completion of the complex back-end processing of ultrathin wafers with standard semiconductor equipment. These materials allow the wafers to be processed using standard lithographic, passivation, and metallization techniques and tooling.


  1. Higher yields
  2. Low-stress thermal slide and room temperature mechanical debonding
  3. Separation that takes place at the bonding material–carrier interface, not the bonding material–device wafer interface
  4. After separation, the device wafer can be solvent cleaned on standard frames and dicing tapes.Higher throughput and lower cost of ownership